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CBC | World News
  1. A man in a blue suit with an orange tie sits at a desk with his hands folded.

  2. A boy stands in front of the wreckage of a burned vehicle destroyed in an airstrike, with ash and burned clothing strewn on the ground, while a crowd of people examines the scene in the background.

    Israel’s brief seizure of The Associated Press’s video equipment last week may have proven to be a step too far in the government’s limiting of press freedoms amid the war in Gaza.  

  3. A Canadian flag flies as people walk along the boardwalk in Hollywood, Fla.

  4. Uniformed police stand in a crowd holding back people holding cameras.

    Fourteen Hong Kong pro-democracy activists were found guilty and two were acquitted on Thursday in a landmark subversion trial that critics say could deal another blow to the city's rule of law and its reputation as a global financial hub.

  5. A woman wearing a flak jacket squats in front of rows of artillery and writes a message on one of the weapons.

    Amnesty International is among those criticizing former Republican former presidential contender Nikki Haley, the former. U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, after she wrote "Finish Them!" on an Israeli artillery shell during a recent visit to Israel.